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There are many fields of astrology and ways to generate charts. Our eclectic team is here to share their practice with you so that you can shape your own.


Everything our team offers is available online. You’ll meet other star-loving queers, trans folx, witches, and allies safely from home during Covid-19 and beyond.

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Yes! We’re around! And we love hanging out on Discord to gab about astrology in real time. Ask your questions or get help navigating Discord from our Tech Witch.

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We are mindful of the personal and collective work we need to do to get in right relationship with the land, histories of oppression, and cultural appropriation present in astrology and magic.

Modern Mystics

Queer Astrology is the lens that we use as educators, allies and channels of the divine. We believe that by challenging normativity and embracing radical self expression, we become more in tune with the mysteries of our Universe.

It is our intention to empower members to explore various methods of astrological interpretation while also questioning how culture and bias have influenced its principles.

“Queer Astrology is a tool to build a world where queer humans can thrive.”

Cabra Woodwell, Starsdance Team Member

The Starsdance Mystery School team encourages students to add their own unique flavor when analyzing the mysteries above us: we do not claim to have all the answers. We are responsive to the kind of astrology our students ask to be taught while also refusing to teach ideas we know are tools of oppression.

We aim to make knowledge accessible and view queerphobia, transphobia, ableism, racism and classism in all their forms as a barrier to access.

Join us and we will do our best to help you connect with the stars from your own center!

Our Values

Accountability: holding ourselves and others responsible for actions taken or not taken

Anti-Racism: unpacking our privilege and the threads of white supremacy in our culture

Courage: consciously living in alignment with our truth even when we are afraid

Our sigil and logo: a black and white line drawing of a large eye enclosed within a triangle pointing downward. On the top left of the triangle is a comet and two eight pointed stars. On the top right point of the triangle is are the rings of saturn. On the bottom of the triangle is a crescent moon opening upwards. Each point also has a small sun glyph with three dots moving out from the center.

Diversity: including and welcoming all backgrounds and life experiences

Empathy: feeling with others as a means of authentic connection and intimacy

Equity: eliminating barriers of access and offering what is needed based on each individual

Liberation: reclaiming power from those who seek to diminish us as well as others

Social Justice: committing to direct action against inequality, ableism, and oppression.

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We know that life can be hectic. All of our offerings can be viewed, stored, and studied at your own pace. Customize your notification settings too!

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Sacred Space

The agreements of our space allow for safe and healthy community discussions. We welcome all races, genders, and life experiences.

Honor Astrology’s

We honor that the source of our tradition is non white and offer gratitude to ancestors of color who have helped us connect with the stars.

Your Soul

Queer astrology reveals the mysteries of the Universe, moments in time and our own unique spirit. Decode and embrace yours with us!

Class Schedule

Planets in Aspect – learn to quickly identify and interpret planetary aspects. 8/5/22

Asteroid Goddesses – develop relationship with Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Juno

Queer Perspectives on the Houses – explore house systems and the treasures of the houses.

Photo of Tere Parsley Starnes in front of a teal wall: wearing crisp, clear glasses that compliment their short, shiny silver hair. They are looking directly into the camera with confidence and a slight, closed lipped smile.

Tere Parsley Starnes
Starsdance Teacher

I am a queer, hedge-witch astrologer, who turns toward the Earth and the elements to seek right relationship and wisdom. I love paradox and a multiplicity of perspectives.

☀️ Sun: Aries
🌙 Moon: Aquarius
Rising: Sagittarius

Starsdance Workshops

Our workshops are free and open to everyone! Register here.

Starsdance facilitators discuss our “take” on various astrological topics. These workshops are meant to be accessible to the beginner and of interest to seasoned astrologers. Participants can attend and pose questions via chat on Zoom.

Join on the 2nd Monday of the month. 6:30 pm Central time. Our patron students can pose questions in advance on our Discord server and are automatically registered for every workshop.

Upcoming topics:

The Chart as a Map: chart orientation for beginners. 8/8/22
Planetary dialogs: keys to unlocking the aspects 9/12/22
Asteroid Goddesses: telling their stories 10/10/22
Doorways into the Houses: different systems, different approaches 11/14

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Have questions about our Mystery School? Feel free to send them along to our registrar Hemlock ShiningCoil and she will get back to you shortly!