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Our entire team identifies as queer! This flavors our research, materials, recommended resources and discussions with you.

Our materials are formatted with usability in mind: print workbook PDFs and unplug if you need a break from screens.

the Basics

We share the foundations of astrology in our classes, webinars and events. Our teachings include both new and experienced star-lovers!

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Our server allows for members to join us from all over the world: perfect for new online friendships, mentors, and connections.

About Us

Our team of queer astrologers that love doing online community work may be small, but we are dynamic. The backgrounds, life experiences and belief systems that we embody all contribute to the integrity of our content, boundaries of our circle and potency of the magic invoked within our Mystery School. Scroll onward to find out more about our facilitators!

Photo of Tere Parsley Starnes in front of a teal wall: wearing crisp, clear glasses that compliment their short, shiny silver hair. They are looking directly into the camera with confidence and a slight, closed lipped smile.

Tere Parsley Starnes

β˜€οΈ Aries πŸŒ™ Aquarius 🌟 Sagittarius

I’ve been a professional astrologer since 1995. I am a writer, teacher, and consulting astrologer. As a non-binary, queer, hedge-witch astrologer, I cultivate an approach to astrology that is about interdependence, authenticity, and magic. My astrology is rooted in the cycles and wisdom of the Earth and is oriented towards activism. I write Follow the Moon, a daily forecast based on magical intention of the lunar cycle. I consult with clients about the astrology of their lives.

πŸ¦„ Pronouns: They/them
⚑ Roles: Co-founder | Facilitator
πŸ•ΈοΈ Website:

Photo of Juniper Caldera: wearing a canary yellow blazer and long, thick strand of pearls. They are wearing glasses with their hair tied on the top of their head with a close lipped smile.

Hemlock ShiningCoil

β˜€οΈ Leo πŸŒ™ Aquarius 🌟 Aquarius

I am a Reclaiming Witch, artist, sex educator, and mother to wild and growing beings. My Work as a Priestess & Witch centers around the tactile experiences of embodied magic, art, the planets, and plants. My eclectic tastes run from throwing runes and pulling tarot cards to trance work and powerlifting. I am pulled to Reclaiming witchcraft through lived experiences and human-divine connections.

πŸ¦„ Pronouns: She/they
⚑Roles: Registrar | Facilitator
πŸ•ΈοΈ Instagram: Hemlock_shiningcoil


β˜€οΈ Scorpio πŸŒ™ Taurus 🌟 Capricorn

I am a witch, dream-worker, lover of cats, and freestyle aerialist and dancer. I come to Starsdance as a student and teacher learning and teaching both traditional Hellenistic astrology and modern astrology. I use Electional Astrology as a tool to select auspicious times for magical and mundane purposes. I believe in the wisdom that astrology can offer for collective healing, dreaming, and changing of the world together. I believe in learning astrology in an embodied way and using it to channel our collective transformation.

πŸ¦„ Pronouns: She/Her
⚑ Roles: Electional Astrologer
πŸ•ΈοΈ Instagram: maydayastrology

Photo of Aurora Dawning in front of an orange wall: her brown glasses are resting on the bridge of her nose as she looks slightly upward into the camera with a thoughtful gaze. Her fingers are resting gently on her lower lip, curled in slightly and comfortably. She is wearing gold hoop earrings, a black scoop neck shirt and has a gold septum piercing in her nose.

Aurora Dawning

β˜€οΈ Capricorn πŸŒ™ Gemini 🌟 Taurus

I am an embodied spiritualist who channels universal wisdom through the framework of Tarot, Evolutionary Astrology and physical movement. I believe that magic is ever present in all of our lives. If we choose to participate in the potential of the moment, powerful change is available to us. I steward these beliefs into my writing, soul counseling, energy balancing, user-experienced design and participation in community.

πŸ¦„ Pronouns: She/her
⚑ Roles: Co-founder | UX Researcher
πŸ•ΈοΈ Website:

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We offer classes on the topics of queer and trans magic, signs, houses, planets, aspects, and more! Our curriculum is always evolving.

Join our
Study Group

Mondays are our night for study group via Zoom with Tere (they/them): analyze charts with a professional of 30 years.

Listen to

Hemlock ShiningCoil (she/they) offers an opportunity to embody astrology energy via meditation! A great way to tune into the stars and body.

Ritual Magic

Once per cycle: Bonnie (she/her) offers a ritual packet with instructions and opportunities for reflection that embrace queer magic!

Want to work with us?

    A person of color is laying on their stomach atop a beige couch. They are wearing a long sleeve purple shirt with gray sweatshorts: their hands are gently resting on the keyboard of their laptop as they look away from the camera and out the window. Their hair is short and dark and their dreamy smile is fixed on what they are seeing outside of the camera shot.
We love a good collaboration! If you have an idea for a queer astrology offering or would like to work together in the future, let us know.

Contact Us

Have questions about our Mystery School? Feel free to send them along to our registrar Hemlock ShiningCoil and she will get back to you shortly!

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