A safe container for deep sharing is vital to our work together.

The following is a list of our community agreements that every student must agree to honor as students of Starsdance Mystery School. Each one is kindly, but firmly enforced by team organizers and moderators.

Read on to see if our container for astrology magic is right for you!

#1: Introduce yourself.

After indicating that you have read and accept these agreements, create an Introduction post in the Welcome channel. Please write: Introduction then share your name, pronoun, Sun sign, Moon sign, and any other information about yourself that you would like us to know.

If you need help figuring out what your sun and moon sign are, just ask when you arrive in our #welcome channel!

#2: Respect gender, race, and cultural diversity.

People are who they say they are. We agree to not make assumptions about gender identity and respect people’s pronouns. Racism has no place within our collective (or anywhere) and will not be tolerated.

Starsdance Mystery School honors the rich lineages of astrology originating in cultures of brown-skinned people. Astrology has been appropriated and colonized just as other cultural wisdoms have. We strive to respect that history.

#3: Use “I” statements.

We want to hear from you, about you! Please do not speak for others in the group (even if you have known them personally for a long time) and remain focused on self-reflection. We encourage commenting on what others post, but be aware of how you compare yourself to others and refrain from making assumptions about other people.

#4: Keep things confidential.

We have created a private Discord server that can only be accessed by those enrolled in Starsdance Mystery School. We hope that you will find the space here to be honest and vulnerable. Varying levels of deep sharing add strength to our magic; please respect the privacy of your fellow magicians and do not share anyone’s personal experiences outside of this group.

#5: Allow others to have their own experience.

We are here to share our personal truths, witness the personal truths of others, and respect that they may vary. We are not here to solve each others problems or try to co-dependently manage each other’s feelings.

Instead of telling someone “it’s will all get better soon,” or giving unsolicited advice, we could say “that sounds really tough. I hope that things work out better than expected.” Everyone has the right to their own emotions and personal experience; let us empower each other instead of fixing each other.

#6: Set boundaries when necessary.

Creating boundaries is a healthy practice that establishes where one person ends and another begins for the sake of physical, emotional, and mental stability. They also help us maintain a healthy sense of Self. We are here to connect with each other, but it is important to speak up about your own personal limits.

If you do not want anyone to comment on your post, please say so. If a response that includes swearing makes you feel uncomfortable, let us know. Do not assume that people will know what is important to you or what your needs are.

#7: Use “Spoiler Tags” for sensitive material.

We encourage deep sharing at whatever level you feel comfortable. However, we recognize that while some of us may have put in a great deal of time dealing with personal trauma, others may not be ready or able to face their own.

SPOILER TAG: Discord’s term for hiding text that contains sensitive material that some people might not want to read. They can be used by any Discord user by typing a few symbols before and after the text they want to hide.

If you decided to share about your experiences with: physical violence, sexual assault, transphobia, generational trauma, or anything that you believe could potentially trigger another member of this group, please format your post so that these members can choose whether or not to subject themselves to reopening a wound.

An example of Aurora using "spoiler tags" on Discord to censor their story that contains the topics of self-harm and gun shots. They begin with "CW:" state each word (separated by commas) then use two | symbols on each side of the text to cover it with a dark, solid shape, which makes the text unreadable unless it is clicked.

If you have a thought that you feel may be of use to someone, but they did not ask for any advice, you may ask if they would be willing to hear it.

If you would like to talk about something in a personal message (outside of the eyes of the rest of the group), feel free to ask if they would be willing to do so. Please respect their right to say no and don’t take it personally if they do.

#9: Please don’t post memes about astrology.

Many astrology memes provide inaccurate astrological information and promote unhelpful stereotypes. Queer astrology is about dismantling assumptions. Do share respected resources. Know there are many styles and branches of astrology.

We invite discussions that are respectful about our differences. Facilitators will clarify when astrological information is being shared that is different from the style and understanding of astrology that we have. From there, students will be able to make their own decisions about the style of astrology they will follow and practice.

#10: Honor materials created by our team.

The teachers of these courses and offerings have put a great deal of time and effort into creating their materials. This has been done so that you will hopefully leave this class with a deeper understanding of astrology and magic. Please do not share any handouts, recordings or clearly designated Starsdance Mystery School documents with anyone outside of this class.

All valid copyright laws apply to our content.


It’s simple to set up message notifications that keep you in the loop without being overwhelmed. We’re happy to help figure out what’s right for you!


Pronouns are important. When you hop onto the server, we’ll tag your account with yours. Respectful conversation without assumptions is what we’re all about.

Share your

Discord allows up to 8MB for uploads: great for your photos, and videos that you want to share with everyone. (We have to say: their GIF library is pretty great too.)

your Data

All users have the option to toggle their personalization, usage statistics and data privacy controls. This means your personal info is safe and sound.

Clear boundaries =
safer online spaces

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New to the Discord community? We got you! Our moderator and tech witch Cabra Woodwell (they/them) is here to show you around.

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Have questions about our Mystery School? Feel free to send them along to our registrar Hemlock ShiningCoil and she will get back to you shortly!

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